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The Online Directory of NYC Certified Businesses is a searchable list of M/WBE, LBE, and EBE businesses certified by the City of New York.

Find contact information for these firms, and learn about their expertise, experience, and more.

We go to independent bookstores to relax, to be inspired, and to visit the world in print.

Now, these local treasures need our help.

Rediscover your favorite bookstore or discover a new favorite.

New York City’s dining scene is world-famous for good reason — and no matter the circumstances, restaurants, bars, and cafés always find a way to serve the five boroughs.

Browse restaurants by cuisine, location, current offerings, and more.

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An utterly fractional sampling of some of the most-worn (and most-coveted) New York merch provided by New York Magazine/The Cut.

Providing food news and dining guides for New York.

Restaurant reviews and guides written by a small group of highly trained, highly opinionated writers and editors. They eat out a lot. More than they probably should.

Made in NYC supports thousands of local manufacturers and makers by giving them marketing and branding resources, valuable skills-building opportunities, and access to a supportive community of peers within the sector. 

Made in NYC is an initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development, a community-driven planning and development organization that works for a more just and sustainable New York City in partnership with community-based groups, small businesses, and the public sector. Pratt Center is a part of Pratt Institute.

Diners around the world rely on Resy for intel and access to the most exciting restaurants, from neighborhood favorites, to cult classics, to just-opened hot spots.

Jewish delis were once the backbone of the New York food scene, but in the modern age their numbers have greatly diminished.

Everything from low-fat dieting trends to anti-meat preferences over the last couple of decades has had an effect, but so have newer and more faddish forms of food that make hot pastrami, gefilte fish, and matzo ball soup seem hopelessly old-fashioned.

Luckily, in the New York City area, there are plenty of delis left, and places with a new approach to deli cuisine are opening up and giving another boost to a New York classic.

This guide to delis, cafes, diners, and more is courtesy of One Hungry Jew, a food, travel, and lifestyle blog focusing on New York City and other cities around the world.

The 19 spots on this guide from The Infatuation run the gamut from excellent pizzerias to palaces of meat that transcend their kosherness – and even appeal to non-Jewish diners.

A note: lest you find yourself searching for the best kosher cheeseburger in town, think again.

Jewish dietary laws prohibit the cooking and consumption of dairy and meat products simultaneously, which is why some choices feature dairy-only menus and others are heavy on meat.

Buy directly from local, independently-owned stores through Retail New York, an online community of Main Street retailers from across New York State brought to you by the Retail Council of New York State. helps neighborhood stores team up into a local “Everything Store”, to offer New Yorkers an alternative to big online retailers.

New Yorkers get same-day delivery from stores all over NYC in one convenient checkout & bag.

The shopIN Movement aids in keeping our neighborhoods strong, sends money back to the community, advances sustainability in NYC, and provides non-exploitative options for both stores and delivery professionals.

Thrillist serves as your guidebook to amazing experiences with a passion for local culture and community.

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With the sheer abundance of things to see, do and eat throughout the five boroughs, where do you begin?

Look to the neighborhoods: The City derives its character from hundreds of communities that feel like cities (and worlds) of their own.