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The Office of Nightlife (ONL) at the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) serves as a central point of contact among the nightlife industry, community, and city agencies. Our goal is to help ensure a more vibrant, viable, safe, fair, and well managed nightlife environment comprising of 25,000+ bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and live music venues.

About NYC Nightlife

Throughout its long history, nightlife has been central to New York City’s identity. It is known as the “city that never sleeps” around the world, a destination for dreamers and doers, and an epicenter of creativity.

Over many decades, New York nightlife has launched cultural and social movements that resonated far beyond the its five boroughs: from the social consciousness of beat poetry, folk music, and hip-hop, to the rhythms of jazz, salsa, disco, punk rock, and many more. New York nightlife has inspired artists and entertainers to push boundaries and provided places for people to come together to find community, all of which contribute to the city’s distinctive energy.

With a growing population of 8.6 million residents, NYC additionally welcomes more than 60 million visitors annually. Explore and discover New York’s 24/7 energy, which boasts something for everyone once the sun sets, including opportunities for dining, dancing, performances, live music, and more!

The city that never sleeps offers up intoxicating nightlife. 

Get lost in the late-night energy of dimly lit cocktail bars, upbeat dives, and dance-till-morning nightclubs.

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Courtesy, Don’t Tell Mama Piano Bar

The Office of Nightlife gave NYLON ten tips to remind us all of the safety essentials that let the party keep carrying throughout the night.

From century-old dives to live music venues and music venues, these spots will remind you why you loved NYC nightlife to begin with.

Discover the best nightclubs, bars, and parties for dancing the night away and making memories with old and new friends.

No matter if you’re after a bass-filled nightclub with a DJ, a casual cocktail lounge to mingle, or a nightclub/show combo, there’s something to match whatever mood you’re after that night! So grab your dancing shoes and gather your friends, because here are Secret NYC‘s favorite nightclubs in NYC

Check out this list from Secret NYC for great live music options minus the hassle of expensive tickets, crowded concert venues, and the headache of trying to escape once the show is over.

15 spots where you can practice those dance moves you learned from YouTube.

As a New Yorker, there are a few things you should know how to do. You should be able to do a pretty good impression of that PA voice on the subway, for example, and you should also be capable of finding a good late-night meal. If you need a little help with that, here’s a guide for you. It has everything from burgers and tacos to shellfish towers and yakitori, and it will be one of the single most valuable resources for your life in NYC.