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Latinx-Owned Businesses

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Outdoor seating area in East Harlem with brightly colored tables, structure and signage
East Harlem. Photo: David 'Dee' Delgado

More than a quarter of New York City’s population is Latinx, making up what might be the most diverse Latinx representation of any city in the world: communities across the five boroughs hail from every Latin American country.

Thanks to both first-generation New Yorkers and those with a longstanding history, Latin American culture forms an integral part of the City’s fabric — seen in countless historic sites, arts institutions, restaurants, small businesses, parades and festivals.

Spots that continue to add color and sazón to neighborhoods all across the five boroughs courtesy of Thrillist.

Learn more about Latinx-owned brands and businesses you can start shopping right away on this list from Good Housekeeping, including best-selling beauty brands, gorgeous clothing lines, and unique Latinx-owned Etsy shops.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th – October 15th but you should support these Latinx-owned restaurants year-round.

Here are just a few of doNYC‘s favorite spots around NYC.