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Nighttime view of a street in Chinatown, Manhattan
Photo: Julienne Schaer

There are around 50 countries in Asia and most, if not all, are represented within the five boroughs.

The diversity within New York City’s Asian community is nearly endless: immigrants from China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, and elsewhere have made the City their home, bringing distinctive foods, music and styles — not to mention hundreds of languages. 

Korean barbecue, bubble tea, karaoke and a range of museums and festivals are just some examples of how deeply embedded Asian culture is in New York City — and how that culture is experienced by locals and visitors.

This three-episode video series celebrates the diversity of the Chinese diaspora found in Manhattan’s Chinatown through the lens of everyday kitchen ingredients. 

Each video features a Chinatown aunty or uncle who will take us along on their typical grocery shopping experience in the neighborhood, explaining what they buy at each location and how these products are reflective of their regional background.

The streets of Chinatown are vibrant, multisensory, eclectic and to many – home. There is so much more to learn and to love about Chinatown, beyond “cheap eats” and tchotchkes.

Explore all local favorites and must-see destinations with Meet Chinatown’s Digital Directory.

You can also discover the best of Chinatown with their guides from locals.

Made in Chinatown is a deliberate subversion of the Made in China label and its connotations.

It’s a place to shop vibrant high-quality goods and the profits go directly to the hardworking people that make them.

There’s something for everyone on this list from Reader’s Digest, whether you’re looking to fill your closet, decorate your home, send gifts to friends, feed your cravings, or even expand your skills.

New York Magazine’s The Strategist put together a list of nice gifts under $50 that you can buy from Asian and Asian American–owned brands and small businesses for all sorts of people and occasions — whether you’re searching for a gift to bring to a friend’s housewarming, something to celebrate a sibling’s promotion, or just an “I’m thinking of you” present for your parents.

There is never not a good time to support AAPI-owned businesses, and with this segment of small businesses offering a range of home, beauty, fashion and food products, you will find a new brand that will suit your fancy.

Supporting and shopping from these AAPI-owned bookshops, clothing brands and restaurants can also help us better understand the culture and contributions the community continues to offer.

We also encourage you to shop locally to support the businesses in your neighborhood.

In light of the sharp increase in racist attacks on the Asian community across the world, Trippin put together a list of Asian owned businesses in NYC for you to support. 

This list of Asian-owned businesses in NYC is a result of collaboration across our global community and is by no means exhaustive.